is a website where you can network and access businesses and non-profits that are changing our world.

Founder/CEO Jerry O'Brien is a breakthrough networking website that provides businesses and non-profits with free thumbnail advertising linked to their websites if they uplift and inspire; as well as give back to their community. Larger banner ads are available at reasonable rates and these ads provide the economic engine for the site.


Jerry’s vision for is that it’ll become a global community resource center that gives the who, what, where and when of community events presented by businesses and non-profits that are positively changing our world.


Jerry O’Brien grew up in a poor working class family with nine siblings of every kind, step, half, and full. For a short period he was homeless in Niagara Falls NY before moving to a much warmer Southern California. He was injured while moving furniture on the job and had several back surgeries. All did not go as planned and although capable of a few steps at a time with a walker, he spends most of his time using a wheelchair.

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